Cheeky Moo
Face painting for all occasions


Who's face will you paint?

There's no upper age limit, but we do not recommend (and our insurance does not allow) applying face paint to children under the age of 3 years.

We will encourage a person who is reluctant but we will only face paint a person who wants to be painted. We will not support you if we believe that you have forced anyone to have their face painted.

You (the client) are responsible for informing those attending your event that there will be a face painter present and to advise the face painter if there is anyone that cannot be painted.

We reserve the right, without prejudice, to refuse to paint anybody that we deem unsuitable for painting, this will include anybody that appears to be unwell or appears to have broken or infected skin such as chicken pox, cold sores, acne, eczema etc.

We will also refuse to paint any person who is abusive, rude or in any way threatening.

What designs will you paint?

Our gallery shows a selection of popular designs that we have painted in the past.

We will not paint an design that we deem to be offensive or inappropriate. Discretion to refuse a design lies entirely with the face painter.

Where will you face paint?

The most common type of event we attend is a private event in the clients home. If the venue is not your home, then it is your responsibility obtain permission for us to face paint at the venue.

What do we need to provide for the face painter at my event?

Good lighting is required, whether in the form of natural lighting or lights/lamps. Ideally you would be able to provide a table + two chairs and a covered area for outdoor events. We can provide these items, but it can often make your event run more smoothly if you have set these up in advance.

At the time of your booking, we will discuss your requirements to make sure that everything is arranged.

Do you advertise at my event?

Unless you specifically request that we do not, then we would like to be able to promote our services while we attend your event. This means that we may have business cards / leaflets / posters available.

Do you take photographs of people at my event?

Unless you specifically request that we do not, then we may request permission from people that we have painted (or their parent / guardian where appropriate) to take a photo of our work. Any photo that we take may be used in the future for our portfolio, and marketing materials – we do not feature a person’s name.

There is no requirement to have photos taken, and we will not be offended if anyone does to want us to take a photograph of them.

Are you insured and CRB checked?

Yes. We have full public liability insurance. If you need to see a copy of our insurance cover, please get in touch.

Our face painters are all CRB checked.

Who is responsible for children being face painted?

Parents and guardians are responsible for their children at all times. For safety reasons, please don’t allow children (or adults!) to play in the area being painted in or to touch the equipment. All damages will be charged to the client.

What equipment / supplies do you use?

We use only high quality professional cosmetic grade face paints, glitters and accessories. We only use products that are specifically made for use on skin.

Some of the brands we use are: Grimas, Diamond FX, Global, TAG, Paradise and Snazaroo

We use brushes and sponges to apply paint, which are washed with specialist soap between events. Water, sponges and brushes are regularly changed during painting sessions.

Is it possible to be allergic to face paint?

While it's very unlikely that anyone would suffer an allergic reaction to the products that we use, in the even of a skin reaction (itching/swelling/discomfort), face paint should be washed off immediately with water and a soft cloth. DO NOT USE SOAP as this will aggravate the skin further.

How do I remove face paint?

Face paint is easily removed with a face cloth and water. Some darker colours may slightly stain skin - baby oil may be gently applied to these areas on the skin (unless your child is allergic) and removed with cotton wool/soft tissue.

Any face paint which gets on to clothing should wash out with normal detergent. However, we recommend that stained clothes are soaked in cold water first. We cannot be responsible for any stains which will not wash out.

How long should I leave face paint on for?

Face paint should always be washed off before going to bed, to avoid staining bedding and pajamas.

How many faces can you paint in a hour?

You should allow for ten faces per hour, although this can vary depending the complexity of the designs chosen.

How long does a glitter tattoo last?

The cosmetic grade body glue used for glitter tattoos should last for up to a week depending on how well they are looked after and where they are placed. The glue is waterproof so it will survive baths, shower and swimming!

How do I remove a glitter tattoo?

Glitter Tattoos will usually just wear away after about a week, but if you need to remove one quicker, this can be done using lotion, oil or rubbing alcohol / surgical spirit and a cotton ball.