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Face painting in Tadlow, Royston

Cheeky Moo provides is available for face painting in Tadlow. The price of face painters in Tadlow is determined by the zones shown on the map below. As you can see Tadlow is outside of our standard pricing zones, please contact us for a quote for your event in this area. If the address of your event is close to our pricing boundries, you can zoom in to see more detail.

You can read more about our pricing policy on the main face painting prices page.

These are our standard face painting prices for private events. If your event is outside zone 4 on the map, you need a face painter in the evening, or your event offers free face painting to the general public, please contact us so that we can calculate a price for you.

Our face painters are also available in places close to Tadlow: Face painting in Wrestlingworth, Little Green, Shingay, Cockayne Hatley, East Hatley, Eyeworth, Guilden, Abington Pigotts, Croydon, Wendy, Arrington, Dunton, Sandy, Potton, Bassingbourn, Gamlingay, Millow, Whaddon, Wimpole, Waresley, Gamlingay Cinques, Little Gransden, Royston, Longstowe, Orwell, Everton, Biggleswade, Meldreth, Lower Caldecote.